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International Jukendo Federation

Embrace the Spirit, Discipline, and Tradition of Japanese Martial Arts

Welcome to the official website of the International Jukendo Federation (IJKF), the global community dedicated to the practice, promotion, and preservation of Jukendo and Tankendo. These distinct yet complementary Japanese martial arts offer a unique blend of traditional values and modern combat techniques, fostering physical skill, mental discipline, and a deep respect for martial traditions.

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Discover Jukendo - The Way of the Bayonet

Jukendo is a dynamic martial art that revolves around the art of bayonet fighting. Originating from the ancient techniques of Sojutsu (spear fighting) and adapted from historical European military practices, Jukendo is one of the 9 main Budo affiliated to the Nippon Budokan.Practitioners, known as Jukendoka, use a wooden replica of a rifle with bayonet fitted with a rubber tip, known as a mokuju, to master the art of thrusting and parrying. The discipline emphasizes precision, agility, and the strategic use of distance and timing, reflecting the virtues of honor and resilience.

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​​Explore Tankendo - Mastery of the Short Sword

​Tankendo offers a journey into the art of the short sword, reminiscent of close-quarters combat where a bayonet might be employed without its rifle. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese swordsmanship, Tankendo adapts these techniques for the use of a shorter weapon, held in one hand. This discipline focuses on swift, decisive movements and the cultivation of an adaptable, quick-thinking mindset, embodying the essence of resourcefulness and courage in the face of adversity.​​

Join Our Community​

Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or new to the world of Japanese martial arts, the International Jukendo Tankendo Federation welcomes you.


Through our website, we offer resources, and information on local and international events. Join us in exploring these fascinating disciplines, participate in workshops and competitions, and connect with a supportive community of practitioners around the world.


Embrace the challenge and tradition of Jukendo and Tankendo. Explore our website to learn more about these martial arts, find a dojo near you, and take your first step on a rewarding journey of personal and physical development.

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