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5th International Jukendo / Tankendo Seminar


€40 per day (€20 per day for beginners)


6 days

About the Course

Dates: 12-17 August 2024

Location: Mons, Belgium

Registration deadline: 10 July 2024

The All Japan Jukendo Federation is proud to announce the 5th International Jukendo / Tankendo Instructors Training camp. This seminar aims, as always, to develop further the technical abilities of foreign budo instructors and enthusiasts who chose to study the traditional Japanese martial arts of Jukendo and Tankendo. It will also be, for the first time, opened to beginner enthusiasts who wish to discover those martial arts.

This seminar is run by the All Japan Jukendo Federation in co-operation with the All Belgium Kendo Federation. Information and registration forms have been sent to the Regional Directors for dissemination to the National Federations.


Tankendo: August 12, 13

Jukendo: August 15, 16

Contact: Pascal Lam of the All Belgium Kendo Federation (see National Federations page) or Baptiste Tavernier (via the Contact Us form)

Registration form


Sato Toru (Hanshi 8-dan), Ogawa Isao (Hanshi 8-dan) Chiba Takashi (Kyoshi 7-dan)

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